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We Love Joey Votto

We love Joey Votto, duh doy

Another periodic reminder that Joey Votto is, and has been, amazing


Checking in on the ‘Decline Phase’ of Joey Votto’s career

And wondering what his age-38 season will include...

Another periodic update to remind you that Joey Votto is an otherworldly being with a baseball bat in his hands

The dude just keeps sockin’

What the 2021 Cincinnati Reds have given us to remember

Moments come and go, but phrases you find framed at Target last forever.

Those who dared slug like Joey Votto

A Friday List

Thus Banged Zarathustra

We live in the midst of the ubermensch

Things Joey Votto has said to himself while socking homers

A Friday List

Joey Votto

Joey Votto

Yet another periodic stat to remind you that Joey Votto is awesome

The latest in a continuing series highlighting the many, many, many ways in which Joey Votto is awesome.

Joey Votto homered again^3


One more periodic stat to remind you that Joey Votto is awesome

Because today ends in ‘Y’

Periodic stat to remind you that Joey Votto is awesome

He’s awesome. He is.


A welcome return to boost the Reds offense.

Joey Votto to begin rehab assignment, Max Schrock hits IL

Tuesday roster notes!

Joey Votto socked his 300th career dinger, and we rejoiced

Congrats, Joe Dan!

Who is this new Joey Votto?

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss - just different.

Why Joey Votto should sport a beard during the 2021 season

A Friday List.

The evolution of “Joey Votto - Power Hitter”

Second verse, not same as the first.

Red Reposter - Joey Votto, great 1B decades, & the Hall of Fame

Thursday links!

Joey Votto hit too much, too

"Joey Votto walks too much" blah blah blah blah blah.

Joey Votto and almost 18 miles of walks

It’s been quite the decade for Cincinnati’s star.

Joey Votto, offensive juggernaut of his generation

A who’s who of baseball sluggers from the last three decades, with Votto almost atop the giant list.

Reds milestones we might not see in a shortened 2020 season

Throwin’ that pessimism speed-ball by ya, make ya look like a fool, boy.

I’m seein’ double! Four Joey Vottos!

The Joey Votto Stat of the Day

Today is a day that ends in ‘day,’ and Joey Votto has stats. Amazing stats, at that.

The Red Report 2020 - Joey Votto

The expectations are different for the club’s most tenured player.

How the Cincinnati Reds can optimize Joey Votto

Looking forward for the pair on the slugger’s 36th birthday.

A celebration of on-base percentage in honor of Joey Votto’s birthday

A look at OBP in a 2018 context.

Joey Votto isn’t hitting dingers this year. Why not?

Is his homer stroke on vacation, or gone for good?

Featured Fanshot

Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman love Joey Votto almost as much as we do

Here's a clip from Letterman's new show on Netflix My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. It is a million thousand awesomes.

The Red Report 2018 - Joey Votto

Avert thy gaze

“Gym Day with Jim Day” is Joey Votto’s greatest idea yet

He’s the best. The absolute best.